BoxyCharm August 2018 Box

Hello, friends! Today I am giving my thoughts on my August BoxyCharm.  I decided a few days ago to reactivate my subscription to BoxyCharm on a whim and thought others may want more info on if it’s worth it the $21 a month.  I have had several subscription to beauty and lifestyle boxes over the years and BoxyCharm was one of the more expensive (higher than Ipsy and Birchbox at $10 monthly) but usually had more value with some full sized products.  I stopped this subscription a couple years ago in an attempt to declutter some of my random assorted travel beauty and skin care products but thought for my blog I would give a go again.  So, on to the products and my thoughts on this month’s box.
Oh, also, forgot to mention.  Some people get different variations of products.  I have seen some reviews where people got a Becca highlighter instead of the eyeliner, for example.

Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Mask, set of 3
Estimated value $12.50

I was most excited about the eye masks because who doesn’t like an eye mask? I appreciate we got 3 instead of just 1 mask.  Sephora has a 6 pack for $25 so 3 is a good deal.

House of Lashes, “Boudoir”
Full Size, $12

Next item was kinda of a “meh” product for me.  They included a set of false eyelashes from House of Lashes in “Boudoir” so that sounds fancy.  To be honest, I have never worn false eyelashes nor do I really want to wear them but one nice thing about these boxes is getting to try new things without a lot of extra effort.  Since I have them, I will probably try them and hope I don’t look too ridiculous.

Adesse New York Nail Treatment Full Size, $18 value

I also received a nail treatment from Adesse New York that is supposed to help cuticles and nails.  This is another take it or leave it product for me.  I will use it but nothing too exciting.

Smashbox Lip Creme, Slay Tan, Full Size $24
Laura Lee Party Animal palette, Full Size $19
bang Beauty, Full Size $22

So not to be a downer, but the last 3 products were really duds for me personally.  The eyeshadow palette from Laura Lee was just not my style.  I love makeup but I tend to use more neutral and everyday colors so all of the neon colors don’t really have a place in my collection.  I will pass this along to a more adventurous friend. The eyeliner from Bang Beauty was just a no.  It was a weird color and very waxy.  Lastly, Smashbox lip creme…not a huge fan of lipsticks but the main issue for me was the color.  It was…brown.  Not sure who would wear this color but doesn’t work for me.

So, that was my August BoxyCharm.  To be honest, this month was really a miss for me.  However, the total of everything was around $107 so that’s pretty good for a $21 box. If all of these products were more suited to my tastes, I would have probably been more excited.  That’s really the only drawback from these subscription boxes but usually there are more exciting boxes that even it out.  Let me know if you got this month’s Boxy Charm and if you got different items!

Thanks for reading!

The Big Move

Oh, hello! Welcome to my first blog post.  I didn’t really know where to start with the first post.  Like, who do you talk to? But like most new things, it feels a bit strange until it isn’t so practice makes perfect, right? I feel like my first post should begin with the big move from our long time home of Memphis, Tennessee to Atlanta, Georgia July 2017.  My husband was offered an amazing job that required us to move almost 400 miles away.  Now, you and I don’t know each other very well (yet) but let me give you some background. I don’t like change. I am a Capricorn, a very steady Eddie. So the idea of leaving my job, my family, my friends should have been an instant red alarm, nope, no way, not happening.  But for whatever reason, I was supportive of this change from the beginning. And I would make the same decision in a heartbeat.  However..this transition has not been without meltdowns and what-have-I-done moments.  It was hard and continues to have its challenges.  Yes, it is a really cool opportunity to have a new city to explore and find new adventures.  But sometimes I crave the known.  I miss being able to drive to a destination and not need Apple maps.

During my random meltdowns, I turned to my favorite bloggers and Youtubers to make those moments not so heavy.  When I missed my friends and family the most, I found comfort in reading about how to make the best brownies(found it) or what face primer was going to change the world (still searching). So, thus this blog was created.

Looking for lemonade is a challenge to myself to remember not to be so hard on myself and to look at my life through a new, positive lens.  It may be cheesy but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth finding.

Thanks for reading!