I’m Coming Home

Isn’t always weird to go back home after being away for a while? Even if it’s only for a week or a weekend, home seems to always have a sheen of unfamiliarity but also normalcy all at the same time.  I went back home to Tennessee this past weekend and was struck at how weird yet normal everything seemed.  I have been away for over a year now and still feel like an inbetween-er.  Neither place is my home.  Not yet anyway.

I started thinking why does that place that I lived for most of life suddenly feel somewhat distant? The roads were the same.  I went the same route to my favorite restaurant, there was the dog bakery where I bought many doggy treats. And there is my favorite Target where I spent countless hours wasting my money every Friday on payday.  And yet, I still looked forward to returning to my now home 500 miles away.  I am an inbetween-er.  The home where I was is no longer the home I am in now.  I am not the same as I was a year ago. Every experience over the past 16 months has shifted my lens of what it means to be home.

I hope to find my place here in this new town and find that same comfort I felt before moving.  I know it will be a gradual transition until one day it just seems normal to be in this little house tucked away in the hills of Georgia.

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